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Welcome to the web site of Branaghan Ergonomic Services, Inc. We are a full-service human factors and ergonomics consulting firm located on the outskirts of Columbus, Ohio, with affiliates in Minneapolis, Raleigh, Houston, and Redmond, Washington. BES, Inc. is confident that you will find solutions to your human factors and usability needs here.

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BES logo The Company

Branaghan Ergonomic Services, Inc. is a consulting firm that works with clients to develop highly usable and commercially successful products. We apply scientific knowledge of human learning, memory, and decision making to product design. Simply stated, we can assist clients in the following ways:

Improving the usability of products and documentation
Devising design processes which efficiently integrate usability
Educating employees in user-interface design methods and guidelines
Improving consistency among products

BES logo Services

While the client's unique situation determines the exact services needed, services might typically include:

User-interface design
User-interface prototyping
Task analysis
Usability testing and focus groups
Technical writing
Documentation testing
Competitive analysis
Data modeling
Professional ergonomic assessments
Training in user-interface design, usability testing, and/or documentation testing

BES logo Contract Engineering Services

Branaghan Ergonomic Services, Inc. can place qualified, talented, and responsible contract staff at your site. These usability professionals are experts in one or more of the following disciplines:

User-interface design
Usability testing
Technical writing
User-interface prototyping
Survey design
Usability training
Project management

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All of our projects are directed by Russell J. Branaghan, Ph.D., a Cognitive Psychologist specializing in ergonomics and human factors. He has held positions as Staff Human Factors Engineer at IBM and Senior Human Factors Engineer at Hewlett-Packard. Additionally, he has contributed to the design and testing of products for organizations including Microsoft, Honeywell, US West, Ameritech, Bell Northern Research, the US Postal Service, and the US Army.

Dr. Branaghan has published and presented articles on user-centered design and human cognition. He is an associate editor of Common Ground, a publication of the Usability Professionals Association (

BES logo Our Code of Ethics

As consultants, it is our responsibility to put the interests of the client in front of our own, and to serve with integrity and competence. We realize that we are being hired for objectivity, technical expertise, and effort toward the solution of a problem. We will provide these skills with excellence.

We will guard all client information confidentially and will not take financial gain or advantage based on inside information. We will not serve two or more competing clients without obtaining the approval of each client to do so. We will inform the client of any circumstances which might affect our judgement or objectivity.

We will not accept commissions or pay them to others for client referrals. Nor may we accept fees or commissions from others for recommending equipment, supplies, or services to his or her clients, as this would affect our impartiality.

We will accept only those assignments for which we are qualified and which will provide significant benefit to the client.

Contractual Terms

Our time is billed as either a fixed fee or a daily rate agreed to in advance. In addition, the client reimburses expenses such as travel, lodging, telephone, printing, and similar items. These are estimated upon agreement of the project's scope. Detailed expense records are maintained in our office and may be inspected if desired.

The client always has the right to terminate the assignment upon written notice. In such a case, the client has no liability for charges beyond those incurred in their behalf through the date when notice of termination is received by us.

It is understood that Branaghan Ergonomic Services, Inc. serves in the role of independent contractor(s) with the client, and nothing herein shall be construed as designating us as employees.

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