PSL Survey of Complex Systems Research
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Complex Systems Groups: Non-U.S.

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Argentina - UBA - Time Series Analysis' Home Page
Australia - ANU Center for Complex Systems
Austria - IIASA - Dynamic Systems Project Description
International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis
Austria - IIASA - Optimization Under Uncertainty Project Description
Austria - IIASA - Systems Analysis of Technological and Economic Dynamics Project Description
Austria - Theoretical Biology at the Univ. Vienna
Canada - U Alberta Biological Computation Project
Denmark - Niels Bohr Institute Chaos and Turbulence Studies - CATS Homepage
England - Manchester - Centre for Policy Modelling Home Page
England - U College London Centre for Nonlinear Dynamics
England - U College London Intelligent Hybrid Systems
England - U College London Intelligent Systems Laboratory
England - U London Centre for Population Biology
England - U Sussex Connectionism and Neural Computation Research Group
England - U Sussex Evolutionary and Adaptive Systems at COGS
England - UWE Bristol Evolutionary Computing Group
France - Fractals, CAs, nonlinear dynamics group
France - Grenoble - "Reseaux d'Automates" - Automata Networks Group
France - Grenoble - Modeling AAs in a Multiagent World (MAGMA) Home Page
France - Grenoble - Visualization, Modeling, and Cognition Group
France - Groupe de BioInformatique - E.N.S Paris
France - Heuristics and Diagnosis of Complex Systems (HEUDIASYC)
France - INRIA - COMORE Modelling and control of renewable ressources
France - INRIA - CONGE Geometric Control of Non-linear Systems
France - INRIA - FRACTALES-Fractal Approaches for Analysis and Modelling of Complex Signals.
France - INRIA - NUMATH Mathematical Analysis and Numerical Simulation of Non-linear Models
France - INRIA - SYSDYS Filtering and Identification for Stochastic Dynamic Systems
Germany - CAU of Kiel Institute for Applied Physics
Germany - Darmstadt - Nonlinear Physics Group
Germany - GED Adaptive Systems Research Group
Germany - Informatik Centrum Dortmund (ICD)
Germany - Institute of Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence of Neuchatel
Germany - Mainz Nonlinear Dynamics Group
Germany - Tech U Berlin - Bionics & Evolution Strategy Home Page
Germany - Tech U of Munich - The Chaosgruppe e.V.
Germany - U Magdeburg Institute for Simulation and Graphics
Holland - Delft Computational Physics Group
Holland - Eindhoven - Neural Networks Group
Holland - U Amsterdam Algorithms and Complexity group
Hungary - Adaptive Systems Laboratory
Italy - DSI Neural Networks group
Japan - Saga U Intelligent Information Systems
Japan - Sony - The Virtual Society Project
Korea - Intelligent Information Systems Lab Artificial Life Home Page
Korea - Neural Networks Lab. Home Page
Korea - Nonlinear and Complex Systems Lab. in POSTECH
Poland - U Warsaw Center for Complex Systems
Spain - U Granada GeNeura Team home page
Sweden - Lund U - Complex Systems, Department of Theoretical Physics
Switzerland - Geneva U - Multi-Agent Systems in Geneva U Hospital
Switzerland - U Zurich Artificial Intelligence Lab