PSL Survey of Complex Systems Research
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Lab Main Pages, People, and Related Groups

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Lab main pages

Advanced Research Projects Agency
ALife Online
Australian National University Bioinformatics
Canada's National Research Council's Homepage
Ernest Orlando Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Home Page
HCRL Home Page at The Open University, UK
Human Cognition Research Laboratory
International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA)Home Page
LANL Home Page - Release I
Media-Lab Welcome
NASA Ames Research Center
Naval Research Lab Alphabetical Index
Naval Research Lab Organizational Directory
Navy Center for Applied Research in Artificial Intelligence, NRL
NEC Research Institute Home Page
Northeast Parallel Architectures Center Home Page
ORNL Environmental Sciences Division (ESD)
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Sony Computer Science Laboratory inc.
SRI International - Artificial Intelligence Center
SRI International - Computer Science Laboratory
The Chaos Network On-Line, v2.0!
The Naval Research Laboratory
U Maryland Institute for Advanced Computer Studies
U Sussex School of Cognitive and Computing Sciences
Welcome to the Bionomics Institute Home Page
Xerox PARC Dynamics of Computation Area
Xerox PARC PubWeb Server


(Dante R. Chialvo)'s Homepage
Bob Devaney's Home Page
Chris Langton
Clifford A. Pickover's Home Page
Craig W. Reynolds home page
David Chalmers' Home Page
Douglas Hofstadter
Dr. Ilya Prigogine, Prigogine Center for Statistical Mech
Howard Gutowitz's Home Page
Jeff Elman
UCSC Center for Research in Language
Jim Crutchfield's Home Page
John Koza's Home Page (GAs, alife)
John L. Casti Home Page
Mitchel Resnick
Murray Gell-Mann Home Page
Paul Fishwick's Home Page - SimPack, Mr. Modeling
SFI - Melanie Mitchell
Simon Fraser's Homepage
Stephanie Forrest Home Page - UNM
Stuart Hameroff Website

Related groups: Human Computer Interaction (HCI), Cognitive Science, etc.

ARL Expertise and Capabilites -- System Simulation and Integration
Australia - Monash U - Minimum Message Length Encoding MML - Lloyd Allison
Canada's National Research Council's Human-Computer Interaction Group
Canada's National Research Council's Integrated Reasoning Group
Reasoning techniques include fuzzy logic, case-based reasoning, decision networks, induction, and model-based reasoning. The
Canada's National Research Council's Seamless Personal Information Networking Group
CMU - The Center for the Neural Basis of Cognition
Computational Reasoning Section, Navy Center for Applied Research in Artificial Intelligence
Edinburgh Department of Artificial Intelligence Home Page
George Mason U Program on Social and Organizational Learning (PSOL)
Human Computer Interaction---Intelligent Browsing Agents
IDA Research laboratories (Sweeden)
Dept. of Computer and Information science, Linköping University
Indiana U Center for Research on Concepts and Cognition
Intelligent M4(Multimodal/Multimedia) Systems, NCARAI, NRL
Millersville IML alife group
Naval Research Lab Interface Design and Evaluation
Philosophy/Neuroscience/Psychology at Washington University
Psychology, Culture, and Evolution - evo of consciousness
Dept. of Psychology, U Waterloo
Social Science Division (UCSD)
Stanford Cognitive & Psychological Sciences
Stanford The Symbolic Systems Booklet
Stanford University - Department of Engineering-Economic Systems (EES)
EES is a problem-solving discipline applying engineering principles to application areas beyond those traditionally considered part of engineering. The basic course work is organized around a unique, coherent combination of problem-solving concepts drawn from the fields of dynamics, probability, optimization, economics, and decision analysis. Students are then encouraged to broaden and enrich these skills through electives in other departments of their choice such as Business, Economics, Computer Science, Industrial Engineering, Operations Research, Mathematics, etc.
Stanford University Center for the Study of Language and Information (CSLI)
SUNY Buffalo CS Department Home Page
Switzerland - Lausanne Polytech - Logic Systems Lab
Symbolic Systems Program
Stanford U undergraduate CS degree
Tilburg U (Holland) Infolab Home Page - groupware
U Buffalo The Semantic Network Processing System (SNePS) Research Group Home Page
intelligent agents and NLP
U Michigan HCI Highly Interactive Computing Group
U Rochester, Dept. of Brain and Cognitive Sciences
UC Boulder - Institute of Cognitive Science
USC Information Sciences Institute
Visualization, modeling, and cognition group (Grenobl