PSL Survey of Complex Systems Research
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Neural Nets, Autonomous Agents, Fuzzy Systems, Time Series Analysis, and Computational Biology

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Neural Nets

A Neural Network Demonstration - nn intro
An Introduction To Neural Networks (Z Solutions)
Benchmark NN data sets
Computational NN Center, Denmark - CONNECT home page
Equipe Reseaux d'Automates - NN links
Gateway To The World of Neural Networks
This page is your gateway to the neural network and neuro-science World Wide Web (WWW) servers maintained at various sites
Holland - Eindhoven - Neural Networks links
Neural Network, Neural Science and Related Journals
NEuroNet - Papers and Journals
NN and Fuzzy Links
Pine Lab at Caltech
Promised Land Technologies - BrainCel (nn software)
BrainCell: nn add-on to MS Excel
Purkinje Park
SEL-HPC Neural Networks Archive
UTCS Neural Nets Research Group

Autonomous Agents

Agent Info
Alex Ferworn - Grad Student
autonomous agents
Autonomous Agents
Lund University, Sweeden
Best Intelligent Agents / Information Agents on the net
IR on the net
Chisato Numaoka
CWRU Autonomous Agents Research Group
Distributed Artificial Intelligence and Multi-Agent Systems
DNA Research; Artificial Intelligence
Euro-Robots: Mobile Robots Archive (Front Page)
Frank Dellaert Home Page
Internet Resource Discovery Research
Maine CDPS Home Page
cooperative distributed problem solving
Teleos Research Home Page
Research and Technology Development in Intelligent Perception and Control
U of M Artificial Intelligence Lab - Unmanned Ground Vehicle control (AA)
ARPA Real Time Planning and Control Program for


Centre for Intelligent Machines -- McGill University
Northern New Mexico Robotics
The Laboratory for Perceptual Robotics
U Maryland - Autonomous Mobile Robotics Lab

Fuzzy Logic/Systems FAQ - Intro
Fuzzy Email Server
Fuzzy Logic Archvie
Fuzzy Logic Lab Linz-Hagenberg - Public Document
Welcome to BISC (Berkeley Initiative in Soft Computing)
fuzzy systems

Time Series Analysis

Argentina - UBA - Time Series Analysis' Home Page
Biomedical Time Series Analysis Tools
Biomedical Time Series: Resources
Nicholas B. Tufillaro: Nonlin TSA and Chaotic and complex physical systems
Nonlinear Dynamics and Topological Time Series Analysis Archive
Nonlinear Techniques in Physiological Time Series Analysis Workshop
Santa Fe Time Series Competition Harvest Broker
Time Series Analyzer software package
Tools for Non-Linear Time Series Analysis
U Western Ontario Time Series Analysis Page

Computational Biology

Adaptive Behavior Journal - Special Issue on Collective Intelligence
Belgium - Ant Colony Optimization
Ant Colony Optimization (ACO) studies artificial systems that take inspiration from the behavior of real ant colonies and which are used
Belgium - Ant Colony Optimization publications
Marco Dorigo et al
Biology Databases
Computational Biology at Warwick
Computational Biology links (ALL of them!!)
Computational Biology Software Sources
very comprehensive; mostly genetics
Denmark - Odense University Physical Biochemistry Group of the Institute of Biochemistry
Distributed Modular Spatial Ecosystem Modeling
Ecosystem Modeling Related Projects
Information Theory and Molecular Recognition Lab
We are in the Laboratory of Mathematical Biology, in the National Institutes of Health, on the campus of the
Landscape Modeling Page
Liverpool Biocomputation Group (Computational Ecologies)
Liverpool Biocomputation Group (Evolutionary Computing)
Liverpool Biocomputation Group (Getting started in...)
Liverpool Biocomputation Group (Home Page)
Liverpool Biocomputation Group (Neural Computing)
Michigan State - Entomology Spatial Analysis Laboratory
Oxford U Molecular Biophysics - Sansom Group
molecular computing using ion channels
Parallel Software Tools for Ecological Simulation Home Page
The NCI Laboratory of Mathematical Biology (NIH)
U Illinois Laboratory For Advanced Ecological & Spatial Analysis