PSL Survey of Complex Systems Research
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Miscellaneous Resources: Links, Lists, Archives, Collections

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A-Life Jump Points
Adrian Thompson's Evolvable Hardware (EHW) page.
Agent Info - HCI and CSCW Interface Agents links
Agent Web Links
AI, Cognitive Science and Robotics WWW Resource Page
ALife Laboratories and Institutes in Japan
alife links and papers
ANU Complex Systems on the net
Artificial Intelligence Links of Interest
Artificial Intelligence Resources
Artificial Life (ALife) Pages at Brandeis
Artificial Life and Complex Systems -- A Subject Catalogue
Artificial Life and Complex Systems links
Artificial Life Groups
Artificial Life links
Craig Reynolds' alife bookmarks
Artificial Life on the Net
Artificial Life Researches in Japan
Artificial-Life Simulators and Their Applications
Bibliography "The Evolution of Complexity"
Bill Johnston [LBL]'s Bookmarks
Biological Information Theory and Chowder Society
BioMatrix Resources - Complex Sytems, Evolution, Ecology and Diversity ...
Bionomics - ALife links and software
Bionomics - various links
Brain and CogSci Related Web Sites
By far the most extensive set of references on GAs
CA links
CA Related and Semi-Related Links
CATS, Denmark - Nonlinear links
Chaos and other sorts of things - links
Chaos on the WWW
Chaos, Complexity and Nonlinear Dynamics at Other Sites
from the Spanky Fractal Database page
Clifford A. Pickover's Home Page
CMU Artificial Intelligence Repository
CNBC and NPC Other Internet Neuroscience Resources
Cognitive & Psychological Sciences on the net
Complex (Adaptive) Systems Information
Complex Adaptive Systems Pointers
Complex Systems
Complex Systems - links
Complexity Related Links
COMPSYS - The Complex Systems Network
Description of National Micropopulation Simulation Resource
Distributed Artificial Intelligence and Multi-Agent Systems
DSI ANN group. ANN links - very thorough
Entropy on the World Wide Web
Evolutionary Design of Neural Architectures repository
Genetic Algorithms and Artificial Life Resources
Genetic Programming Resources on the Web
German nonlinear dynamics links
Graduate Studies in Genetic Algorithms - links
Greece - Nonlinearity and Complexity Home Page
HCI Resource Pointers
Information Filtering Resources
INLS hotlist
Intelligent Home Page
Intelligent Hybrid Systems links
neural networks, fuzzy systems, etc
Intelligent Software Agents - web resources
Intelligent Software Agents info repository
Internet Resources related to Principia Cybernetica
Internet Robotics Sources
Iowa State - AI Research Group - ai and alife links
James Meiss (UC Boulder Math) dynamics papers, links, software
Large scale simulation Related Projects - links to other projects
list of Genetic Programming Researchers
Marc Belgrave's Links to Resources on Agents and AI
Marc Belgrave: Intelligent Software Agents
Marc's Links
Marco's Maddening Artificial Life Page
Mark Smucker's Evolutionary Computation and Artificial Life Page
Marks hotlist-biology, robotics, alife, chaos, visualization
Marks Refs - Titles
Marks Robotics Home Page - links
Mathematics Archives - Other Sites of Interest to Mathematicians
Memetics links
Middle of Nowhere - virtual library
Neural Networks resources - very comprehensive
NEuroNet - European NN research network
links, conferences, papers and journals, software, hardware, .....
Neurosciences on the Internet
NN Related Information
Non-Linear/Non-linear Dynamics - links
Nonlinear Dynamics and complex systems links
Nonlinear Dynamics and Topological Time Series Analysis Archive
Nonlinear links
Nonlinear Resources
Nonlinear Sites
Nonlinearity and Complexity Home Page - links
North American Fuzzy Information Processing Society (NAFIPS) - fuzzy links
Olivier's Pointers
On-line GA bibliographies
Online Complex Adaptive Systems Resources
Other Neural Net Sites and Resources
Paul Fishwick's Home Page - SimPack, Mr. Modeling
Physics Around the World: Nonlinear Dynamics, Complex Systems & Neural Networks
Physics Servers and Services Around the World
Reasoning, Systems theory, Chaos and Artificial Intelligence links
References / CSLI / Stanford University
Center for study of language and information
Resources for Economists on the Internet
Robotics Web Servers
Science Catalog Information Exchange System (SCIES)
Science on the Edge of Chaos - general resource
Serendip's Neurobiology Places
SFI alife WWW resources
Simulation links
Simulation resources on the web - groups, software, etc
Some Artificial Life Web Sites
Symposium : The Evolution of Complexity
System Dynamics Modeling and STELLA on the WWW
The Genetic Algorithms Archive
Tilings on the World Wide Web
Tom Holroyd's Home Page - Complex systems links
Tools and Environments For Intelligent Hybrid Systems
U of M Artificial Intelligence Lab - ARPA RTPC and UGV Homepage
UCL Genetic Programming - links,FAQ,people
UCLA Artificial Life Depository
UCLA.Artificial Life Repository
UCSD Neuroscience Home Page - neuro on the net
UK Nonlinear Dynamics Groups
UMASS CMPSCI Research Groups
UMBC Intelligent Software Agents Resources
Vince's Complex Systems and Evolution Page
Virtual ALife Library
Welcome to ENCORE! Evolutionary computation archive
Welcome to the Principia Cybernetica Web
Welcome to Zooland! ALife resources
Who Is Who Handbook of Nonlinear Dynamics
Yahoo - Science:Artificial Life
Yahoo - Science:Complex Systems
Yahoo - Science:Computer Science:Algorithms:Genetic Algorithms
Yahoo - Science:Computer Science:Artificial Intelligence