PSL Survey of Complex Systems Research
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Software and Commercial Services

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Commercial Software/Services

Applied Chaos
AutoSimulations provides the best 3-D simulation software product and consulting services to solve manufacturing needs.
IS Robotics Home Page
IS Robotics, Inc. is a manufacturer of autonomous mobile robots, robotic systems, and software for control of embedded systems.
Mandalay Scientific Inc. Data Modeling Web Site


Alife software archive (CMU)
Alife software archive (SFI)
XPP, XTC, and other useful mathematics packages for exploring phase spaces and dynamical systems
BB1: The Blackboard Control Architecture
Bionomics - ALife links and software
BIOTOPIA 2.0 (Santa Fe) software
CA software archive (CMU)
comp.simulation software archive
downloadable Chaos Software
Dynamical Systems Software
GA software archive (CMU)
GA Software archive (Navy)
Galactomatic-1000 (Mac visualization app)
A SIMPLE, versatile, powerful, Macintosh scientific data reduction program.
Genetic Programming software archive (CMU)
Genetically Programmed Music
Germany - Berlin Tech - Bionics & Evolution Strategy: evoC
evoC is a software package for easily programming evolutionary programs. It includes the evolution strategy with many features. evoC is
Grid Model Archetype Home Page
James Meiss (UC Boulder Math) dynamics papers, links, software
Macintosh Artificial Life Software
MacSciTech Users Association
PDP++ Home Page
The next generation of the PDP software.
Scientist's Workbench - AA software (Mac)
Simulation of an indoor pool using GPSS/H
Simulation Software tools
Software for Nonlinear Dynamics
Stella - a graphical system dynamics simulator
wwwLife Home Page
Xtoys-CA simulators for Xwindows