PSL Survey of Complex Systems Research
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Tech Reports, Bibliographies, Papers On-Line

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A Collection of Computer Science Bibliographies
A Philosophy of Artificial Life Bibliography
A Semi-annotated Artificial Life Bibliography of On-line Publications
Abstracts of Papers Presented at the Human Behavior and Evolution Conference, June, 1995, Santa Barbara, CA
Adaptive Intelligent Systems: Publications
Adaptive Systems Lab (Hungary) Publications
ALife Bibliography
ALife IV Conference Report
American U - CSIS Technical Reports
An Indexed Bibliography of Genetic Programming
Beckman Institute Cognitive Neuroscience Technical Report Abstracts
Behavioral & Brain Sciences (BBS) Preprint Archive
Belgium - Ant Colony Optimization publications
Bibliography of Cellular Automata
Bibliography of Measures of Complexity
Bionomics Institute Resources - papers, articles, talks
Boston U Center for Adaptive Systems On-line Publications
Case Study 9: Chaos Research and Applications (HPCC Report '94)
Change Project: Kevin Kelly interview
Chaos and Economic Time Series paper
Chaos Database - article search
Chris Hillman's Eprints
Clifford A. Pickover's Home Page
CNLS Research Papers
Complex Systems Bibliography
Computational Theories of Interaction and Agency - special double volume of Artificial Intelligence
Computer Science Technical Reports Archive Sites
Connectivity and complexity in landscapes and ecosystems
eprint of Green, D.G. (1994). Connectivity and complexity in landscapes and ecosystems. Pacific Conservation Biology , in press.
Contemporary Philosophy of Mind: An Annotated Bibliography
CRL Memoranda in Computer and Cognitive Science - Listings
CSLI Publications: Technical Reports
CSLI Publications: Technical Reports ON-LINE
Dynamics of multiagent systems papers (Huberman)
Emergent Behaviour in Biological Systems
eprint of Green, D.G. (1993). Emergent behaviour in biological systems. In Complex Systems - From Biology to Computation. (ed. by Green, D.G. and Bossomaier, T.J.) pp. 24-35, IOS Press, Amsterdam.
Fishes of the Silicon Sea, by Gene Levinson
France - Fractals, CAs, nonlinear dynamics group
GA Bibliographies
Our ftp site ( includes directory cs/report94-1, which contains over 20 Indexed Bibliographies of GAs in different
Genetic algorithms for real-time control
George Mason U GA Group Publications List
Georgia Tech Applied Chaos Lab Publications
Germany - Berlin Tech - Bionics & Evolution Strategy: Publications
Germany - GED - Publications of the GA Group
Germany - The Mainz Nonlinear Dynamics Bibliography
Giuseppe Zito's current work on Scanning huge number of events.
Giuseppe Zito's html paper on Dynamical Systems
H.M Hubey's Home Page - nonlinear articles
Holland - Eindhoven - Neural Networks Group Reports
Home Page of C. Lee Giles - NN pubs
Howard Gutowitz's Home Page - papers available
IDA Technical Reports (Sweeden) - HCI
Dept. of Computer and Information science, Linkvping University
IIASA - Publications
IIASA - Working papers
IlliGAL Technical Reports
Index Blanc-Talon
Index Deniau
Index Germain
Index Luzeaux
Index Olivier
Information Theory and Molecular Recognition Online Papers
We are in the Laboratory of Mathematical Biology, in the National Institutes of Health.
Intelligent Hybrid Systems Book
Introduction to the modern theory of dynamical systems
By Anatole Katok and Boris Hasselblatt
James Meiss (UC Boulder Math) dynamics papers, links, software
John Koza -- List Of My Publications
John Koza -- Student Papers
Landscapes, cataclysms and population explosions
eprint of Green, D.G. (1990). Landscapes, cataclysms and population explosions. Mathematical and Computer Modelling, 13, 6, pp. 75-82.
Liverpool Biocomputation Group (Report archive)
Ludwig Huber Abstracts
MAGMA List of Representative Publications
Michael Frank's bibliography of publications
Michigan State - GARAGe List of Papers
MIT AI lab publications
MIT CDM Research Papers
MIT Center for Biological and Computational LearningPublications
NASA Langley Research Center Technical Reports Server (LTRS)
NASA Technical Report Server (NTRS), v 2.0
NASA Technical Reports, queried for Genetic Algorithms
huge number of papers and tech reports pertaining to GAs.
NEC Research Institute Technical Reports
Nonlinear Science e-Print Archive (nlin-sys)
Northeast Parallel Architectures Center Technical Reports
Offerings from the System Dynamics Group at MIT
Older Papers on Artificial Intelligence (David Chalmers)
On-line CS Techreports
Onar's Home page - articles on memetics, complex sys
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory Papers
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory Technology Briefs
Papers on Consciousness (David Chalmers)
Papers on the Foundations of AI (David Chalmers)
Parallel Distributed Processing and Cognitive Neuroscience Tech Reports
From the deptartments of psychology at CMU, WPIC at U. Pitt, and Neural and Behavioral Sciences at USC
Paul M.B. Vitanyi Publications
algorithmic complexity, Kolmogorov complexity
Physics e-print archive
Preprints/Reprints/Talks of S. Tadaki in 1994-1995
Saga U, JapanCAs, traffic flow
Jaynes' book- Probability Theory: The Logic of Science
E. T. Jaynes
Publications complex systems, Lund, Sweden
Publications du groupe RESEAUX
Publications of Alexander Riegler
Publications Of The Artificial Intelligence Research Group - Iowa St.
Publications of the Bristol Evolutionary Computing Group
Publications of the Institute for Simulation and Graphics (Germany)
Publications of the Stanford Knowledge Systems Laboratory
Ravi Palepu - complex software paper
Modelling the Real World: Application of Patterns to Reduce Complexity in the Software Development Process
Reed Alife Project Publications
Robin Hanson's Publications
Rodney A Brooks' papers
Roy Williams: Selected Publications
SFI Computational Mechanics Research Communications
Some work on a GA model of the Immune System
Sony Research - Recent Technical Papers
SRI International Computer Science Laboratory Publications
Stan Franklin's Publications
Stan Franklin's Publications--Neural Networks
Stanford CSLI Publications' Home Page
Symbolic Dynamics Textbook Homepage
This Homepage describes the textbook An Introduction to Symbolic Dynamics and Coding.
Syntactic modelling and simulation
eprint of Green, D.G. (1990).Syntactic modelling and simulation.Simulation 54(6), 281-286.
TCJ: Special Issue on Engineering Complex Systems
The Computer Journal
The Baldwin Effect: A Bibliography
The papers below are concerned with theoretical and empirical (computational) investigations of the Baldwin effect.
The Baldwin Effect: Related Work
Most of the papers below describe systems that are hybrids of a genetic algorithm and a learning algorithm.
The ChaoPsyk Browser Project
The Connectionists Mailing List
CONNECTIONISTS is a restricted moderated mailing list primarily intended for discussion of technical issues relating to neural computation, and dissemination of information directly relevant to researchers in the field.
TUTORIAL NOTES - cellular automata
U Maryland - Listing of UMIACS technical reports
UC Berkeley Technical Reports
UCSD CRL Publications and Software
Center for Research in Language
UIC - Nino Boccara's Publications (CAs)
discrete dynamical systems
Unified CS Tech Reports search engine
Wilson Group Papers
Working Papers of Santa Fe Institute