Due to circumstances beyond our control, Seurfing with Seuss can no longer be seen on this station.

(Replacing it will be an ode to simpler, less corporate days on the Web)

Message 478:
From drseuss@cts.com Wed Aug 28 10:35 MDT 1996
Date: Wed, 28 Aug 1996 09:35:47 -0700
X-Sender: drseuss@sd.cts.com (Unverified)
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From: drseuss@cts.com (Dr. Seuss Enterprises)
Subject: Seurfing with Seuss

Dear Frenetic Industries/Linda:

Dr. Seuss has recently begun looking in on the on-line uses of his
many works.  We visited your website "Seurfing with Seuss" today.  Although
we appreciate the intentions of your page, we must request you discontinue
your use of "Green Eggs and Ham."  We have an obligation to Random House,
our exclusive licensee for publication of the text, to request you remove
this display of the full text and the illustrations from the internet.
Please discontinue this use within 48 hours.  Thank you for your anticipated
cooperation with this request.

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