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Happy Happy Rainbow Text!

What is Happy Happy Rainbow Text? Well, on one dimension it's a simplistic, some would even say stupid, yet ultimately very colorful and therefore perky and happy little Perl script which changes the color of each letter in a piece of text. On another dimension, it ushers in a whole new way of seeing text, a way which most people will view as proof that the text color extension of HTML should be abolished, yet an enlightened few will find just as moving and inspiring as I do. I mean...the colors...why can't they all just get along?

Think of it as a way of adding a little color to your prose (as my English Comp teacher used to beg us). Just look at what Happy Happy Rainbow Text can do for you!

Below you will find example of each type of script, and a link to the script itself for easy downloading. The scripts are painfully simple (look, Ma, my first Perl script!), so just make sure the first line points to your system's perl directory, and it should run fine.

We hope you enjoy the entire Happy Happy Rainbow Text family of products.

Remember, if it's not HappyText , it's boring text!

The original Happy Happy Rainbow Text
get Happy Happy Rainbow Text script
See a demo.

Happy Happy Rainbow Rollercoaster Text
get Happy Happy Rainbow Rollercoaster Text script

"Pretty in Pastels" Happy Happy Easter Text
get Happy Happy Easter Text script

Festive Happy Happy Xmas Text
get Happy Happy Xmas Text script

Spooky Fading Text Ooooh, spooky!
get Spooky Gray Fading Text script

Spooky Red Fading Text Spooky Red
get Spooky Red Fading Text script

Spooky Magenta Fading Text Spoo
get Spooky Magenta Fading Text script

Spooky Blue Fading Text Spooky B
get Spooky Blue Fading Text script

Spooky Cyan Fading Text Spooky Cya
get Spooky Cyan Fading Text script

Spooky Yellow Fading Text Spooky Y
get Spooky Yellow Fading Text script

Spooky Green Fading Text Spooky Gr
get Spooky Green Fading Text script

Happy Happy Rainbow Text Happy Happy Rainbow Text Happy Happy Rainbow Text Happy Happy Rainbow Text

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