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Welcome, amigos, to Nuevo Mexico!

big So you want to waste some time...

The Web can be an intimidating place at first. So who better than beloved Dr. Seuss to hold your hand and help you get started? Try Seurfing with Seuss. Your GPA will never be the same.

At last, it's here!! Yes, Happy Happy Rainbow Text is ready to be unveiled to a breathless public!

State-O-Chile - a set of useful, informative, and fun links to things New Mexican

Remember mood rings and mood lipstick? Well here' s a mood page / Human Factors demo, complete with psychedelic background.

For two glorious months I was actually payed to play on the web...uh...I mean, use the Web as the research tool it was designed to be , compiling information about complex systems research and modeling. Here are some preliminary results.

Grad student stuff:
  • A CS grad student (having a really bad day?) calculated the relative financial benefit of getting one's PhD versus playing Lotto. Is it worth it?

  • Lies we tell ourselves and our friends and family about grad school.
Page-O-Links - an annotated and moderately organized bunch of useful stuff My parents got a puppy to keep our older dog company. Want to see a cute picture of the two dogs?

Recognition that "integration" of multiple selves is a problem is the critical first step in the solution. It is also the first step to answering the question of who you are. Only you can discover who you are, no one can do it for you. You must observe yourselves, all of them, and integrate them into a conscious whole. You must bridge the great divide between the waking self and the sleeping self. The corpus callosum dividing the left and right brains must be transformed from a wall into a highway. You can start to understand who you are only when you integrate all of the many snap shots of your life into a flowing movie. Unless and until you attain continuity, your true identity will elude you. The meaning of life will remain an enigma wrapped in a mystery. Your true desires, your real potential, will remain hidden between the intervals of your many selves. You will be incomplete.
The "Subtle Sybil" Effect, by Ralph Losey.

This page, like every highway in America, is constantly under construction.

My friends Russ and Tonya Branaghan have a human factors consulting firm, Branaghan Ergonomic Services. Here are some pages I'm putting together for them. (Test page)

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