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Net News

  • This Week on iWORLD
  • Netsurfer Digest Home Page
  • Global Network Navigator Home Page
  • MecklerWeb Home Page
  • Hot Wired Wired magazine on-line
  • NeWWW Dartmouth University's net news hub
  • Fishnet


  • Dead People Server Indispensible for radio trivia contests.
  • Ever wonder, "How far is it?"
  • Your one-stop online-computer-magazine shop! PC Mag, PC Week, MacUser, MacWeek, Computer Shopping, PC Computing, and on and on, all in one place.
  • Ask the Master Gardner.
  • The wonderful Garden Net.
  • Lots of nice info about herbs.
  • Visit the Net Vet (as in veterenarian, you Web-geek).
  • The IRS. *shudder*
  • The Viking network, for your many questions about the origins of lutefisk.
  • The Library of Congress home page. Did you see Michael Moore on "TV Nation" exercise his rights as a citizen by trying to check a book out of the Library of Congress? Well, even if you can't check a book out, you can still look up just about any book ever published. Very useful for answering trivia questions.
  • Another trivia answer bonanza. The Internet Movie Database.
  • The MWO Online Stargazer Map will generate a star map for your location for any date and time.

    Decision-making tools

  • Got a big decison to make? Try asking the Magic 8-Ball.
  • World Wide Web Ouija - let Elvis make your decisions for you.
  • I-Tarot - The wisdom of the ages, distilled by modern science.
  • For those who need more than the Magic 8-Ball. Visit the Mystic 9-Ball for an answer and a Web page relevant to your question.
  • Tarot - The true wisdom of the ages.
    Oh Bwunhilda! I adow you!


  • National Institutes of Health (NIH)
  • The Santa Fe Institute
  • Neural Networks at Pacific Northwest Laboratory
  • Fractal Explorer
  • Complex (Adaptive) Systems Information
  • How Statistics Lie
  • Scientific Computing and Visualization Home Page
  • The Cellular Automata Simulation System

    Brain stuff

  • Neuroscape
  • Neurosciences Internet Resource Guide
  • gopher://
  • Time magazine 7/17/95 cover story: Glimpses of the Mind.
  • Big Brain Conference
  • General Information
  • McConnell Brain Imaging Centre Home Page
  • Flybrain Front Page
  • Buffalo NY Center For Positron Emission Tomography (CPET)
  • Forget where you stored that memory? Now you can look it up in the Whole Brain Atlas.

    Fun and Games

  • YPN net games
  • Convinced the world would be a better place if more people knew your opinion about everything? Take these online surveys.
  • Did OJ do it? Tell someone who cares.
  • See the latest OJ survey results.
  • Riddler Very, very, very dangerous. You have been warned.
  • The Rift Cooler than Riddler, but less involved. You'll only waste hours here, as opposed to days. (This is only what I've heard - I certainly wouldn't know)
  • Contests, Sweepstakes, and Giveaways on the Web
  • Psssst! Hey, buddy! Wanna buy a horse?
  • Fear not, there are others like you who share your strange obsession with LEGO. Visit Geoff B's list o' LEGO links.
  • Lite-Brite Try it.
  • Look! In the sky! It's a bird! It's a plane! It's Net Frog, the world's first interactive frog dissection! So real, you can smell the formaldehyde.
  • This guy has way too much time on his hands.
  • A fine example of wacky (and opaque) British humor, the Puppy in My Pocket Page.
  • Useless WWW pages Even more useless than mine?!
  • Piercing Mildred Truly, truly, truly weird.
  • Ferret World It's amazing how many things look better with a picture of a ferret on them.
  • Ferret Frenzy! The world's first (and only?) real-time on-line ferret racing game. Ladies and gentlemen, place your bets!

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