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Peter Foltz, Ph.D.
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Note: Peter's new web page can be found at Peter Foltz's Research Site

All information below here is older and has not been updated since about 2010, but is kept for historical reasons

Area of study: Cognitive and Engineering Psychology

Emphasis: Text comprehension, Cognitive Modeling, Team Cognition, Computational Models of Language, Human Computer Interaction, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning

B.A. Psychology, 1985, Lehigh University
M.A. Cognitive Psychology, 1988, University of Colorado, Boulder
Ph.D. Cognitive Psychology, 1993, University of Colorado, Boulder

Work and Teaching History:
Professor, Adjoint University of Colorado, 2015-Present
VP for Research Pearson, 2004-Present
Adjunct Professor, NMSU, 2006-209
Senior Research Associate, University of Colorado, 2006-2015
Associate Professor, NMSU, 2000-2006
Chief Scientist, Founder, Knowledge Analysis Technologies, 1998-2004
Assistant Professor, NMSU, 1995-2000
Postdoctoral Fellow, Learning Research and Development Center, University of Pittsburgh, 1993-95
Member of Technical Staff, Bell Communications Research, Cognitive Science Research group, 1989-90

Research Interests & Background:
Team Cognition and Assessment
Text comprehension, Hypertext
Information retrieval and information filtering
Cognitive modeling, Memory and text comprehension
Theory and applications of using Latent Semantic Analysis (LSA)
Natural Language Processing

Research performed in the CHIPS & SALSA lab (Computer Human Information Systems and Studies Assessing Latent Semantic Analysis) and the T3C Lab (Team Cognition, Culture and Communication):
Research has been funded by grants from the NSF, Air Force Research Laboratory, Army Research Laboratory and the Office of Naval Research (ONR).
Automatic grading of essay exams (For information on its applications and research click here information, click here.)
Teaching reading, writing and comprehension skills (For a demo and links to WriteToLearn, click here)
Automated Analyses of Team Communication
Measuring Coherence in Schizophrenic Discourse

Listing of Peter's publications

Click here for reprints of old articles (note: this hasn't been updated in a while) Write to me if you want more recent articles

Current, Past and Future Courses:
Memory Psy 383
Seminar in Cognitive Science
Human-Computer Interaction Psy 430/530
Language Processing PSY 361/561
Introduction to Psychology Psy 201
Introduction to Psycholinguistics Psy/Ling 301
The Psychology of Information Access

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