Language Processing PSY 361/561

Instructor: Peter W. Foltz

Office: Science Hall 328

Phone: 646-1980


Office hours: Monday, Wednesday 9:30-10:30, or by appointment

Course Description

Each day, we use language in many ways. We comprehend and produce speech, we write and read text, and we learn new words as well as learn new languages. This course will address a variety questions that address aspects of the processes we use to create and comprehend language. These questions include: How do we produce and recognize speech? How do we perceive words and letters? How do we learn and recall information from texts? How can we improve texts to make them easier to read? How do children learn languages? How does the brain function to process language?

The course is designed as an advanced undergraduate/graduate seminar. It will cover some areas of language processing in general, while other areas of lanaguage processing will be covered in depth.

Course Syllabus and course policies

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Special Notices:

Some of my overheads used in class are taken from my PSY 301, introduction to Psycholinguistics class. All overheads from that class are available online. Click here to go to that page to access the overheads and class notes

The discussion about mapping phonemes to meanings reminds me of Mark Twain's plan for the improvement of English Spelling.

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