Introduction to Psychology, PSY 201

Professor Peter W. Foltz

Office: Science Hall 323
Office hours: 10:30-11:30 M/W
Phone: 646-1980

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The Teaching assistants

Jennie Brown
Office number: SH 309
phone: 6-6254
Office hours: by appointment
Lisa Crowe
Office number: SH 340
Office hours: M/W 12:30-1:30

Special Notices

Note: there has been a slight change on the schedule: The chapter numbers in the original syllabus were wrong. You can get the correct schedule by clicking here: Class Schedule

You must be signed up for one of the recitation (laboratory) sections for this class. They are: Psy 201, sections 03A, 03B, 03C, 03D, 03E, 03F. If you are not signed up for both the lecture and the laboratory section, you may be dropped from the class.

The grades

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If you have any questions about your grades, please contact Dr. Foltz. If you have questions about your lab grades, please contact your TA or Dr. Foltz.

Written assignments

Here are your currently due writing assignments

[newbutton] Paper 2: Click here to read the second paper assignment Due December 3rd in class. [newbutton]

Old assignments that are past due

Small writing assignment 2: Due Friday November 7th (by midnight) Go to and answer the short essay question (100-150 words).

Small writing assignment 1: Due October 10th (by midnight) Go to and answer the short essay question (100-150 words).

Paper review 1: Click here to read the first paper review assignment Due October 17th.

Ask the Teacher

If you have any questions from lecture, feel free to click on my email address here and send me an email. I will either answer the question via email, post it here, or answer it in class

Some other useful resources:

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[button] WWW resources in psychology

[button] Cafe Ole (NMSU Library online catalog & indexes)

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